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Founded in Vancouver, Canada, Restore Human is built upon a wealth of experience that aims to redefine fitness. We call it sustainable fitness - check out our article on the topic for more information.

Restore Human is committed to delivering the best service as well as doing our part to keep our communities and planet healthy. Click here to see what we stand for.



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We live in an era where there is virtually no reason to be physical to get what we need - food, shelter, safety, and community. As a result, more than 2 billion people on the planet are overweight or obese. Countless others are misled and/or confused by the health and fitness industry due to an abundance of (mis)information and sensationalist marketing. We're overloaded with convenience, sitting and screen time. We've lost our natural, sustainable and evolutionary human movement and abilities. At Restore Human we've developed a system where Coaches and members work together in an inclusive community to become strong, graceful and resilient.

If you want to be a part of Restore Human, we invite you to attend one of our upcoming courses. Options for affiliation and licensing are available after becoming certified.


Restore Human Trainers Course Level 1 2018

Calgary Canada

14-15 April 2018

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Restore Human Trainers Course Level 1 2017

London, England

2-3rd December 2017 

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Calagary Canada

29-30 June 2017

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Utrecht, Netherlands

8-10th December 2017  

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Vancouver Canada

21-22 October 2017

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What we stand for


The Restore Human journey strives to connect people around the world to sustainable fitness to deliver smart, effective, and fun training in Restore Human facilities. 

The world is reaching unprecedented rates of obesity, heart disease, chronic pain, depression and anxiety. Our current fitness culture often does more harm than good. Fitness does not need to be competitive, ego filled and driven by photoshopped aesthetics. 

Restore Human is shifting the culture of fitness. We use training practices from a range of disciplines to restore your body to the strong, graceful and resilient human that it can be. We do this in a way that is community oriented, approachable, effective, cooperative and tailored to your body. 

We are sharing our method with the world. The Restore Human methodology is rooted in an evidence based and repeatable system (delivered to other coaches via our courses).


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